Five Key Steps To Use SMS To Gain Consent

By now you would have heard that on the 25th of May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect in the UK. With only 3 months to go until the deadline organisations should be preparing now to ensure compliance in good time. At the end of last year, we put together a brief article highlighting some of the common questions and how your business should start preparing for the GDPR. In addition, we have listed some steps and approaches you can potentially use once GDPR takes effect in May 2018.

1. Personalised Bulk Campaigns

If you are looking to re-engage consent of individuals, our bulk text campaign service can be used. …

10 Mobile Marketing Statistics To Consider For 2018

We can sit here and tell you that mobile marketing is a crucial part of every marketing strategy – however, you may still not be convinced. What about if we had some statistics? Some real facts to back it up? We have put together our top 10 mobile marketing statistics that will show you why you need to implement text messaging in your business for now and in the future!

1. 51% of all digital ad budgets in 2016 were spent on mobile. (IAB/PricewaterhouseCoopers)

Marketers are heavily investing in mobile, which highly likely means your competition is too. If you want to stay competitive, you need to have a solid mobile marketing strategy in place. 

Upcoming updates to your Green Text account!

Following our recent post about the changes to your Green Text account, we are excited to inform you that our development team have now completed the hard work to update our online applications, and it is ready to go live!

Questions answered…

What exactly is changing?

All the great existing features you have come to expect will remain the same but, in addition to the new fresh look and feel, the major benefits for you will be:-

  • Address book – now available to both SMSContact and SMSBroadcast , so you will be able to send campaigns using your address book contact groups.
  • Personalisation –  in addition to the existing SMSBroadcast personalisation you will be able to personalise your messages using your address book contact details.

An Exclusive Black Friday Discount You Don’t Want To Miss!

Each year Black Friday increases in popularity, with more businesses taking part and increasing their promotions. Last year, sales hit a record-breaking £6.45 billion over the Black Friday period and the good news is that sales are predicted to rise again this year. Did you know that 64% of purchases were via mobile devices, which proves mobile to be one of the most popular and trusted purchasing methods! With this in mind, why not try texting your customers with links to your most popular products or even a special promotion. Go on get into the Black Friday spirit and give it a go!

To make the most of your SMS campaigns, we are running an exclusive offer for our clients.Simply purchase packs of 500 or more credits between Wednesday 22nd November to Monday 27th November and we will add an extra 20% message credits for free!

Are You Prepared For The General Data Protection Regulation?

It’s likely you would have heard by now about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is a privacy law approved by the European Commission back in 2016. It will officially be enforceable beginning on May 25, 2018. The new law will regulate, how organisations may obtain, use, store, and eliminate personal data. There will not be a “grace period,” so it is important that organisations start preparing right now! With lots of information being circulated on this particular subject, it can seem quite confusing and which highlights in simple terms what exactly will be expected. This is why we have put a short guide together for you, which covers the common questions around the GDPR, which we would add some clarity on the subject.*

Will GDPR affect my business?

Changes To Your Green Text Account!

Recently at Green Text we have been working to further develop and expand upon our text messaging system. The changes are designed to deliver an enhanced capability linking SMSContact and SMSBroadcast to a shared address book. You will be able to send campaigns using your existing address book contacts in addition to uploading files for one-off campaigns. We have also taken the opportunity to upgrade some of the account functionality.

 So What Exactly Will Be Changing?

All the great existing features you have come to expect will remain the same, in addition, the major enhancements will include:-

  • The address book has been redesigned making it easier to use and is now available to
  • both SMSContact and SMSBroadcast.

Getting Started: Integrate SMS using the Green Text developer tool

As a software developer choosing the right SMS Service Provider is crucial when creating your software application. At Green Text we recognise the importance of this and created the devSMS service. Our free of charge devSMS service is specially designed for clients who wish to integrate a text-messaging capability within their own application, which may be for internal use or part of a system sold to clients. To get you started in your software developments, we’ve put together a few key points below that you may want to know about which may assist when implementing the developer service below….

What interfaces do Green Text Support?

The following interfaces that we support are:

–       Web Service

–       HTTPS

–       SMTP

None of our interfaces require you to embed any software, DLLs or objects of ours, or any third party, into your application.…

9 Innovative Ways In How Your Fitness Centre Can Use SMS Marketing

One of the biggest challenges that Gym’s and health clubs face is customer retention. The busiest time of year for gyms is January, when the majority of people set their New Year’s resolution to getting fit. After a month, however, it’s common for there to be a huge drop out rate and customers stop returning.  On average 1/6 of our day is spent on our mobile phone, with the average person taking 90 seconds to respond to a text message – making SMS the perfect solution for this. There are various ways in which communicating with your customers via text message can benefit your business. Whether it’s sending sale promotions, general communication, open times, class reminder or sending relevant documents.…

Where does SMS stand in 2017?

We are just over halfway through 2017, with a lot of things having changed within the marketing industry. Has the position of text messaging changed at all during this year? We investigate and look at the current state of text messaging, what lies ahead for the rest of the year and the future.

Text Messaging is still the UK’s fastest growing marketing channel – FACT

SMS has been increasing year on year, and even more so on a daily basis as more people opt in to receive communications via text messaging. Last year, 37.2 million people were receiving communication via SMS and this number is set to increase to 48.7 million by 2020.…

Last minute shopping strategies for summer

More consumers are leaving their shopping to the last-minute, whether it’s for a special occasion or key seasonal events. The Drum reported there has been a year-on-year increase of 41% in people searching for last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts, with a 74% growth coming on people’s smartphones. Another popular season event is the festive holidays. Doodle reported that 46% of people leave Christmas shopping until the last minute and 57% of people running around trying to buy presents just days before 25th December. With summer in full swing, businesses may think they have missed the boat for summer promotions when it’s really just the beginning. We dig deep and look into how businesses can capitalise into the peculiar behaviour of the last-minute shopper.…

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